Current Issue - 2007, Volume 2 Number 2


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In the next two pages, we list some papers presented recently in the local and international conferences – we intentionally highlight only presentations by Malaysians. The aim of this is to bring to the attention of our readers regarding current works in the Malaysian primary care. If you need the contact details or abstracts of these papers, send an email to CL Teng (


  1. Anis Safura R, Krishnapillai ADS. Implementation of consulting skills training in undergraduate programme - initial experience at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).
  2. Chan SC. Towards common standards in general practice.
  3. Ismail M. Primary health care in Malaysia - beyond Alma-Ata. [Plenary]
  4. Kamaliah MN. Primary health care team in Malaysia.
  5. Lee PFS, Safurah J, Raili S, Fauziah ZE, et al. TPC: Tele Primary Health Care: bridging better healthcare to the unreachable.
  6. Leong KC. Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia.
  7. Manjah K. Community participation in primary health care: village health promoters in healthy village initiatives.
  8. Mastura I, Mimi O, Teng CL, Piterman L, et al. Self-monitoring of blood glucose among diabetic patients attending government health clinics: a cross-sectional study.
  9. Narimah A. Opportunities and challenges in quality primary care. [Plenary]
  10. Noorliza MN. Funding stakeholders, cost appraisal in quality primary care: a macro perspectives.
  11. Nyulang L. ICT in nursing care.
  12. Rabia K, Khoo EM. Is Edinburgh Claudication Questionnaire a good screening tool for detection of peripheral arterial disease in patients with diabetes mellitus?
  13. Sheikh Mohd Amin. Curriculum in graduate medical education, training and certification in primary care.
  14. Teoh SC. Quality through legislation: the professional aspects.
  15. Toh TH, Wong MAY Wong SC, Kiyu A. A model of community-based rehabilitative program for children with special needs in central zone of Sarawak, Malayisa.
  16. Xavier S. Enhancing quality practice management.
  17. Zailinawati AH. Building capacity in leadership in quality primary care: the Malaysian experience.
  18. Zaiton A, Nazria HNM, Sazlina SG. Audit on quality indicators in primary care - the Malaysian experience.
  19. Zil Falilah MS. Assessing the quality of diabetes care in the District of Kemaman, Terengganu from 2001- 2006.



  1. Adibah HI, Hasni I, Shaiful BI, et al. Use of HbA1c in the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in high risk group attending Klinik Rawatan Keluarga, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
  2. Azidah AK, Sariah M. The effectiveness of physical activity counselling in primary care clinic University Science Malaysia Hospital.
  3. Biswas R, Umakanth S, Shetty M, Hande M, Nagra JS. Problem-based self-directed life-long participatory learning in medical educators and their audience: reflective lessons learnt from a lecture series.
  4. Chan SP, West JA, Wehren LE, Sen SS, Lai J. Patient and physician attitudes toward vitamin D in osteoporosis treatment.
  5. Chia YC, Forsyth D. Pain and analgesia: evidence for its use and misuse.  
  6. Chia YC, Nik Sherina HH, Ng CJ, Teng CL. Erroneous knowledge of the community on analgesia use.
  7. Chia YC, Mohd Perdaus AF, Kuo HP, Perng RP, Sinnadurai J. Ciclesonide showed similar efficacy to budesonide in Asian asthmatics.
  8. Chia YC, Nik Sherina HH, Ng CJ, Teng CL. Paracetamol overdose - are there any dire consequences?
  9. Chia YC. What does the community know about analgesias and what primary care physicians prescribe for chronic pain?
  10. Hassan NH, Shaaban J, Abdul Kadir A, Rehman A, Abdul Rahman AR. Study on oral hypoglycaemic agents, the effect of therapy on arterial stiffness among Malay with diabetes mellitus.  
  11. Khoo EM, McCarthy SA, Ng CJ, Low WY, Mathers NJ. Somatization disorder in primary care - a qualitative study.
  12. Khoo EM, Teng CL, Ng CJ, Safurah J. Bibliography of primary care research in Malaysia. [Merit Paper Award]
  13. Lee WK. Challenges and opportunities in the management of HIV patients in primary care. 
  14. Liew SM, Tan CPL. Sick leave - should we let patients self-certify?
  15. Liew SM, Tong SF, Lee VKM, Ng CJ, Leong KC, Teng CL. Text messaging - can it reduce non-attendance in chronic care?
  16. Ludher IS. Vocational training in family medicine in Malaysia.  
  17. Mendis K, Teng CL. Genetic research in family practice - a bibliometric analysis.
  18. Mohammad R, Abdul Kadir A, Mohamed M. A randomized control trial between fasting and 2-hour postprandial blood glucose monitoring in type 2 diabetic patients in HUSM.
  19. Mohazmi M, Yong Rafidah AR. Knowledge, attitude and practice of menstrual postponement among hajj pilgrims.
  20. Mohd Nor NA, Mat Esa MS, Shaaban J, Ismail SB, Wan Mahmud WMR, Yaacob MJ. Validation of the Malay version Brief Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) among adult attending family medicine clinic.
  21. Ng CJ, Mathers N. Using decision aids to help patients to make choices in chronic disease management.
  22. Noor Hasliza H, Juwita S, Azidah AK, Asia R, Rashid ARA. A study on arterial stiffness in Malay patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  23. Teng CL, Mendis K, Goh LG. Research productivity of APEC countries: a citation analysis of PubMed.  
  24. Thuraiappah DM. Postgraduate medical education in family medicine - Malaysian experience.
  25. Thuraiappah DM. Predicting obesity using family history.  
  26. Tong SF, Vijayaletchumi K, Omar K. Inter-observer agreement of diabetic digital fundal images between primary care doctors and ophthalmologist.
  27. Yazeed ZA, Lee VKM, Noorlaili MT, et al. Albuminuria and cardiovascular risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  28. Yong Rafidah AR. Travelling to Malaysia: what should family doctors advise their patients?  
  29. Yong Rafidah AR, Kwa SK, Sheikh Mohd Amin. Teaching in practice: making it easier for family doctors.
  30. Yusnita Y, Harmy MY. The effectiveness of specific health education in providing better quality of life among asthmatic patients at a primary care setting in HUSM.  
  31. Zuhra H, Aznida FAA, Tong SF, Sukumar N, Sharifa Ezat WP. Helicobacter pylori related dyspepsia treatment outcomes at Hospital UKM Primary Care Centre.



  1. Aminah Bee MK. Children with special needs and sexual health: What you need to tell them.
  2. Ling HS. Prediction of significant hyperbilirubinaemia by day 1 total serum bilirubin in healthy term neonates.
  3. Looi CL.  Factors associated with practice of contraception among women admitted for delivery in Hospital Teluk Intan.
  4. Mastura I. Are diabetes patients attending urban government health clinics ready for self-monitoring of blood glucose?
  5. Mimita M. Postnatal mothers and contraception usage: the current trend.
  6. Mohd Aznan MA. Physical and mental health problems of the elderly in nursing homes in Kuantan, Pahang.
  7. Noor Azimah M. Parental perception of their child weight status. [Best Paper Award]
  8. Paranthaman V. A study on patients' knowledge of tuberculosis and timeline to treatment.
  9. Paranthaman V. Improving care of diabetic patients in government primary care clinics: is it possible?
  10. Ruziaton H. Chronic insomnia amongst patients attending urban and rural government health clinics.
  11. Saniah S. A study of metered dose inhalation's techniques among asthmatic patients in health clinics Besut, Terengganu in year 2006.
  12. Sariah M. The effectiveness of physical activity counselling at primary care clinic Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.
  13. Wan Zuraidah WAH. A study on Th1 (IL 12 and IFNg) and Th2 (IL4 and IL 13) cytokine profile in unexplained infertile women in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
  14. Yusmawati MY. Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors before 20 weeks of gestation in health clinics, Tanah Merah, Kelantan.
  15. Zil Falillah MS. Assessing the quality of diabetic care in the district of Kemaman, Terengganu from 2001-2006.