Current Issue - 2007, Volume 2 Number 1


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MCQ General PracticeEditors: Sherina Mohd Sidik, Jefferelli Shamsul Bahrin, Zailinawati Abu Hassan, Zaiton Ahmad, Abu Hasan Samad
Publisher: UPM Press
Year of publication: 2007
ISBN:  983-3455-61-1 (Paperback)
Price: RM 24 (RM15 if bought directly from UPM Press)

Loh KY. Book Review: MCQ in General Practice. Malaysian Family Physician. 2007;2(2):93

MCQ in General Practice aims to provide some assistance to both undergraduate and post-graduate candidates undergoing their general practice or family medicine attachments. The editors had put in much hard work and time to compile the total of 160 true/false type MCQs into eight chapters.

This book covers almost all aspects of primary care with a wide spectrum of topics ranging from acute disease, chronic diseases, preventive medicine, and occupational medicine to rehabilitative medicine. Answers are given with explanation for every chapter. Questions chosen are appropriate and relevant. It is of great help to students sitting for MCQ examination in primary care or family medicine.

However there are some limitations, which the editors may want to consider for future editions. The majority of the questions test the recall of knowledge, which is at the lower end of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning (see: Questions testing higher levels of learning e.g. application of knowledge and analysis are relatively few. This may be good for junior students but is inadequate for postgraduate training. More questions testing varying levels of student’s understanding and application should be included using a clinical scenario as the stem problem. Nevertheless the editors need to be commended for their efforts in the preparing of this book for the medical trainees.

Reviewed by: Dr. Loh Keng Yin, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, International Medical University, Malaysia.