Vitamin B12 deficiency presenting as pancytopenia in pregnancy: a case report

  • Idris N
  • Arsyad AH


Vitamin B12 deficiency is a well-known cause of megaloblastic anaemia and pancytopenia. However, the incidence in pregnancy is rarely reported. We present a case of a 32-year old multigravid woman who was diagnosed with megaloblastic anaemia since 22 weeks gestation and progressed to develop severe pancytopenia at 30 weeks gestation. She was also diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency related to dietary and sociocultural habits. Folate and iron levels were normal throughout pregnancy. Treatment with parenteral cyano-cobalamin resulted in sustained improvement of haematological parameters. The pregnancy was carried to term and the baby was born weighing 2,050gm but otherwise well at birth and had normal developmental milestones thereafter. This case illustrates the clinical presentation of maternal vitamin B12 deficiency and demonstrates the importance of detecting and treating maternal vitamin B12 deficiency during pregnancy in at-risk patients. Failure to diagnose and institute treatment carries significant risks to both mother and child. Oral vitamin B12 supplementation should be considered for patients who are strictvegetarians or consume very little animal products.

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Idris N
Arsyad AH


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