Sequelae of neglected senile cataract

  • Azhany Y
  • Hemalatha C
  • Nani D
  • Rosediani M
  • Liza-sharmini AT
Keywords: cataract, phacomorhic, phacolytic, glaucoma


Cataract is the most common cause of blindness in the world. An attack of phacolytic and phacomorphic glaucoma as a result of neglected cataract constitutes a medical emergency that must be addressed immediately. Ocular emergencies such as these is challenging for the surgeon with guarded or poor prognosis. We describe the presentation, management and prognosis of three cases of phacomorphic and phacolytic glaucoma. All three patients underwent aggressive management of intraocular pressure. Despite successful cataract operation with implantation of intraocular lens, there was only mild improvement of the vision. Optic nerve and pupil functions were permanently affected following the insult. Phacomorphic and phacolytic glaucoma present a very challenging problem to the surgeon with poor visual outcome. Public health education and awareness are important and health workers should encourage patients with cataract to seek early treatment for better prognosis.


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