Avoiding common errors in Key Feature Problems

  • SK Kwa
  • Sheikh Mohd Amin
  • AC Ng


Questions on Key Features Problems (KFP) are an importantcomponent of the theory paper for Part 1 of the membershipexamination of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia(MAFP) and the Fellowship for the Royal Australian Collegeof General Practitioners (FRACGP).

These KFP questions are designed to assess yourreasoningand decision-making skills at every stage of a consultationprocess. They reflect common or life-threatening problemstypically encountered by family physicians. The questionsfocus on your ability to take critical steps to resolve a medicalproblem. They may begin with the historical data of a case.Using the KFP format, you can be assessed on your ability tomake critical decisions, e.g. arrive at a diagnosis, based onthe historical data provided. Determining your ability to choosethe areas to focus on when conducting a physical examinationand your ability to appraise relevant positive or negative signsare also critical decision-making aspects of medical practicethat the KFP assesses. The KFP questions further test yourability to choose essential and cost-effective investigationsand to provide appropriate short and long term managementof the patient’s problems. (copied from article)


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