Tips in preparing for a tutorial

  • Ian Ong
  • KC Leong


An understanding of the objectives in the short term for thetutorial itself and in the longer term of the course itself needsto be clearly understood by both the tutor and trainees alike.The tutor needs to arm himself with certain skills andknowledge. Skills required are good communicative skills, astrong empathy for his trainees, and leadership skills. Theseskills are acquired over time as no-one is a born teacher.Exposure is vital to all aspects from teaching methods, learningstyles, examination methods, and both local and overseasrole models. The tutor needs to keep up to date with thechanges in clinical medicine and medical education. He/sheis however not expected to be the clinical expert in all theclinical issues discussed, as learning is encouraged to be multidirectional. He/she, as the facilitator, must however understandthe curriculum and methodology of assessment of the course.In particular, the tutor must know the strengths andweaknesses of his/her trainees. This is essential in planningfor the objectives of the tutorial. (copied from article)
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