A 62 year old man with pain and stiffness of hands

  • E Das Gupta


Nodal Osteoarthritis is by far the most common type ofosteoarthritis. This mainly affects women, and often starts inthe 50s, around the time of the menopause. Most often it affectsthe base of the thumb and the joints at the end of the fingers.There is a strong genetic element to this type of osteoarthritis.Family studies suggest a polygenic mode of inheritance orpossibly a dominant trait with variable penetrance. Mechanicalfactors have some role in determining which joints are involved.The onset of nodal osteoarthritis can be sudden, with hot,inflamed distal interphalangeal joints. The hands are stiff andpainful. There may be presence of early morning stiffness,but not more than half an hour. Inflammation may spread tothe proximal interphalangeal joints and the carpometacarpaljoints of the thumbs. Treatment is aimed at the reduction ofpain, caused by a variety of the pathological processes goingon - inflammation, debris, venous stasis, capsular or musclestretch, etc. (copied from article)
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