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  • CL Teng


Low-tech, under-trained health workers focusing on a few “priority diseases” working in isolation in a rural outpost –this unglamorous image of primary care is now an inadequate portrayal of the immense potential that primary carecan really offer to the health of each nation. The WHO’s World Health Report 2008: Primary Health Care - Now MoreThan Ever is a timely call to national governments and professional bodies to re-energise primary care and shift it intothe centre of healthcare delivery, where it truly belongs. In this issue of MFP, Dr Jan Ranford, in the inauguralRajakumar Oration, presented the evidence supporting the WHO’s call for reform.

Many of us are unaware of the scale of Dr Rajakumar’s influence outside our country. It is gratifying to note that anAustralian general practitioner, Dr Naomi Harris, has been so inspired by him that she has initiated a movementnamed after him (The Rajakumar Movement). It is hoped that this movement will promote aspects that so characterisedDr Rajakumar: the depth of understanding of the family medicine as a discipline and the leadership skills that willdevelop our discipline further.

The readers of our online version will be able to download the abstracts of the Family Medicine Specialist Association’s13th Scientific Conference. This is the first time that a supplement of conference abstract is published by MFP.

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