Editor's note

  • CL Teng


The Malaysian Family Physician usually publishes three issues a year. Unfortunately, we have to combine theissue 2 and 3 together as the final issue for 2009. In the past, we have often printed the final issue of a year inthe subsequent year. This practice will be stopped. In the future, we will endeavour to publish all three issuesin a year within the same year, this include both the print and electronic versions.

In this issue, we have included more original articles than before. The study “Is it necessary to excise all breastlesions? Experience from a university-based breast unit.” may not fit the bill as “primary care research” but thefindings are of relevance to family physicians. The authors found that 8.2% of breast lumps studied turned outto be malignant. The proportion of breast malignancy increased markedly if the women were aged 40 or above.They recommended that all women above the age of 40 presenting with a palpable breast lump to have theirlump excised even though the lump is benign on biopsy.

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