Unilateral foul smelly nasal discharge in an adult

  • Irfan M
  • Hasme Zam H
  • Mohd Khairi MD
Keywords: Nose, foreign body, adult, concretion, rubber


The incidence of rhinolith is by far very low compared to the nasal foreign bodies, especially in adult. Foreign body (FB) in the nostril will lead to unilateral nasal symptom which can start with nasal obstruction or discomfort. In younger children, they may miss to report the problem to the parents but, later on, the FB will manifest itself with unilateral nasal discharge, which at most of the time fouls smells. We report a case of a healthy adult female who presented with unilateral foul smelly nasal discharge which later was diagnosed as rhinolith, with rubber-tip pencil eraser as the nidus of calcification.


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