Editor's note

  • CL Teng


Ethics in research and publication

Focusing on ethics is a fitting ending to our 12-part Research Notes series. In this issue CJ Ng (page 74) highlighted common ethical problems that researchers, both novice and seasoned, may be trapped into. In Professor LM Looi’s editorial (page 50), the need for research ethics and the important role of peer review are emphasised. It behoves us to reflect on our own ethical standard with regard to research and publication, hence the rationale for the cover picture of this issue: Is our ethical stance veering too dangerously to the wrong side?

Our contribution to world literature

In this issue we continue to highlight selected Malaysian primary care research papers (page 67-69) that gain entrance to nonMalaysian journals. Our selection of non-Malaysian journals is deliberate – our presence there suggests recognition of others for our original works, which, not surprisingly, remain ruefully unknown to many of us. The abstracts included here are all provided by the original authors. Noteworthy in this selection is a paper written by KC Leong et al, a multicentre randomised controlled trial that was conducted in both public and private primary care settings. (copied from article)

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