Fostering an ethical culture in research and publication

  • Lai Meng Looi


As Malaysia strives towards developed-nation status, we are increasingly aware of the importance of a strong scientific and research culture in our society. Our “Keconomy” is closely linked to the ability to use scientific knowledge to improve our services and economic status. We recognise that, ultimately, what gives advanced countries the edge over others is the ability to harness science and technology to benefit every aspect of life, be it leisure, work, travel, dining or health. Advanced societies invest heavily in research, and research is all about understanding our world better, seeking for new knowledge, and devising new applications from this stock of knowledge to benefit society. It is no different in healthcare and medicine. In a progressive society, both patient and practitioner expect new advances to be made every year. Today, biomedical research is no longer the privilege of academics. It is an expected activity of all medical practitioners who want to understand disease better, subscribe to evidence-based practice and seek to be more effective in what they do. The Malaysian Family Physician has upheld this philosophy by running a series of educational articles on the research process. (copied from article)


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