Time of change

  • Ng CJ


There are a few significant changes to this issue of the MFP.

Firstly, Professor Teng Cheong Lieng, our long-serving Editor in Chief (2006-2012) has stepped

down. He has pushed this journal to where it is today and his achievement is remarkable: The

MFP journal is now indexed with many databases including Scopus; the number and quality of

submissions have risen over the years; he is also recognised as a leading editor in Malaysia and

the region. Teng will continue to sit on the Editorial Board and contribute to the growth of this


Secondly, the MFP is ready to soar to the next era. Despite competition from other higher impact

journals, the MFP journal has seen a significant rise in the quantity and quality of the submissions.

The journal has become the recognised platform for family physicians and specialists, both local

and regional, to share their research findings and clinical expertise. The next leap for MFP journal

is to join the world of PubMed and ISI. The editorial team will work hard over the next few years

to achieve this.

Thirdly, you may have noticed a facelift to the MFP. We have engaged a new management team who

has helped to improve the image and efficiency of the journal. I hope you find the new look more

reader-friendly. Early next year, we are introducing the electronic journal management system and

this promises a more expeditions submission, reviewing and decision-making process.

Finally, as the new Editor of the MFP journal, I would like to reiterate that MFP is YOUR journal

and the articles published in this issue reflect just that. We have original articles covering both

communicable and non-communicable diseases which are commonly encountered in general

practice. The case reports include common and uncommon dermatological, haematological,

obstetrics and ENT conditions. I hope these articles will help you in patient care and stimulate

you to think and reflect. We welcome all of you to write in to the Journal and tell us what you

would like to read in the MFP: journal.mfp@gmail.com

Wishing all of you a happy and fruitful 2013!

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