Editor's note

  • CL Teng


New name, improved contents

We have introduced the Malaysian identity to our journal name. The change is actually more than just the name or a new cover. These are but the outward manifestations. In this issue and in subsequent ones, we try to present a variety of articles that cater to the taste and inclination of our readers. Some articles provide information and updates, others are designed to provoke and elicit a response. In academic journals, reviewers are invariably shielded from the authors who often tolerate their vexatious demands to change the manuscripts. Often the request for changes by the reviewers will result in a better article; at times, the critiques can be off-putting to budding writers. In this issue, wehave a unique situation where we are publishing commentaries (Pages 18, 22) by two reviewers following the original articles. We wish to congratulate Dr Tong Seng Fah (and colleagues), Dr Keah & Dr Chng and the reviewers for agreeing to this experiment. (copied from article)

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