How to write a journal article?

  • Ee Ming Khoo


Writing a journal article may seem daunting for a novice, as often many questions are raised such as how to write, what format to use, which journal to send to, how to improve the chances of being accepted and what to expect after sending the article off to a journal. In this research notes series, much of the required contents of an article had already been discussed and now is the time to translate the facts of a study into a scientific paper so that the findings of the study can be disseminated and shared by many.

Before starting to write an article, select the journal you want to send to depending on your subject and your target audience. It is very important to read the “instructions to authors” of the journal that you intend to send to and follow it closely as nothing irritates the editors more than an article that has not followed the format nor the instructions requested. Some editors may reject the article straight away when this occurs.


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