A trip to Mukah

  • Zainal Fitri Zakaria


Being posted to Sarawak is the last choice for most Semenanjung doctors; it is the same for me. Working in the Land of the Hornbill has been a great cultural experience. Working as the sole Family Medicine Specialist in the Central Region (Sibu, Mukah , Sarikei and Kapit Divisions) is even more challenging. Covering the Central Region, a land area equivalent to Pahang and Trengganu combined, bring an unexpected benefit – travelling!

My first familiarisation trip took me to Mukah along the Sarawak coast. Instead of toiling on the bumpy 160 km 3-hour road trip from Sibu to Mukah, I opted for the quicker route by air which took only 25 minutes. There is only one flight in and out of Mukah, hence I got the chance to spend a night there.

Flying in the Twin Otter plane is yet another new experience. This is the smallest aircraft in the MAS series which only accommodate 19 persons. The cabin is nonpressurised and has no air-conditioner. However, there are two small fans like what cabbies will sometimes mount on their dashboards. The heat in there during midday is quite unbearable! There is no barrier between the passenger area and the cockpit, so you can see the pilots going through their start-up procedure in the cockpit, flipping switches and pulling levers. (copied from article)

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