100 diagnostic picture tests in Primary Care Medicine

  • Keng Yin Loh


This book concentrates on the common skin problems and radiological findings in our local general practice setting. Undergraduate medical students and postgraduate trainees in family medicine should find it useful and interesting as medical education assessments are now geared towards OSCE and OSPE (Objective structured clinical / physical examination) format. Clinical scenarios, questions and answers are presented in a concise and comprehensive manner for quick reference and self-assessment. The book cover is well designed, quality of the pictures and printing materials are of acceptable standard.

Topics chosen are appropriate and relevant to our day-to-day general practice in Malaysia. Questions and answers are organised in such a way as to be able to present more factual information to the readers with regard to the pathogenesis, clinical features, differential diagnoses, investigations and management plan of specific medical conditions. It would be good to categorise the pictures under the headings, e.g. dermatology, physical examination, radiology, etc. The author has recommended reference to other medical textbooks for detailed understanding of the specific diseases mentioned in this book

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