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  • Rajakumar MK


Why do we have a journal, the Malaysian FamilyPhysician? We are a small academic organisation in asmall, developing country. Our resources are thin, andthere already exist, though not 40 years ago, a variety of journals in general practice/primary care.

This is one of the debates we had in the early years of our existence. Other topics in dispute were whether you couldtrain for General Practice, whether general practice was teachable in a formal programme, and whether you couldactually examine candidates in fitness for General Practice.Other Colleges too debated these issues, and reasonableand sensible arguments were put forward why it was laughable to speak of a separate academic discipline thatcould be taught and examined. All this is taken for granted these days. If you are convinced that General Practice was a separate discipline of Medicine, as distinct as the others, then it must be underpinned by an academic organisationwith its own field of scientific research and an academic journal. The reason for the existence of Colleges andAcademies such as ours is to improve the care of patients and their families, and to improve care in the community in order to enhance the level of health. Our struggle to existand function is a story to be kept for another day. (copied from article)

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