Looking forward: views from the academia

  • Ee Ming Khoo


The Family Physician, journal of the Academy of Family Physician of Malaysia, has been published for the last thirty years or so. In the past the main emphasis of the journal was on continuing medical education (CME) where reviews and discussion papers predominated over original research articles. Just over 10% of the publications in our journals, over the past three decades, were original papers, and they were mainly surveys. No randomised controlled trials (RCTs) had been published.

With the establishment of university departments of family medicine in the last two decades in Malaysia, we see a slow but gradual increase in Malaysian primary care research and publication. There is a move towardsreemphasising the research culture in the universities aswell as to excel in research undertakings. More family physicians are seeking research funding, presenting research findings, documenting their works in various publications, and taking pride in research works. In this inaugural issue, it is gratifying to note several original research papers from general practitioners as well asuniversity-based family physicians. This shows that not only university academics are eager to participate inresearch; general practitioners are also getting involved.This phenomenon is similar to that in Australia and United Kingdom (UK) although the rate of involvement andpublication differs. (copied from article)


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