A review of diseases in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

  • Kean Ghee Lim


As the author wrote in his Preface, this collection “captures a snapshot of diseases in Malaysia at the end of thesecond millennium”. Within the 30 Chapters, the author provided brief description of Malaysian diseases that have been reported in the medical literature. The first 17Chapters were classified based on aetiology while theremainder were based on body systems. All in all, 659diseases or clinical problems were described, citing a total of 2372 references, most of them came from indexedjournals. In this second edition, the author has updated the references up to the year 2000 by including recently published papers, e.g. Nipah virus encephalitis and EV71 encephalomyelitis in children. One of the most usefulaspects of this book is the large number of Malaysianreferences which the author took great pain to find by tracking the reference sections of cited papers. As the content in this book is focused on diseases, coverage of publications pertains to certain specialties (e.g. familymedicine and public health) is somewhat inadequate. For the medical students and clinicians, this book gives a good idea of diseases likely to be found in Malaysia. Wantsomething on jering nephropathy, Hb Tak, de Clerambault syndrome? You can find these and many other peculiar conditions and rare syndromes in there. It is not surprisingto find that some diseases have large literature base (e.g. worm infestations has 50 references, “kwashiorkor” has 25 references) while others are hardly mentioned (obesity andlifestyle factors has only 7 references and acute respiratory infections has 6 references) – no doubt, the number of citations reflect the changing epidemiology of diseases in Malaysia and the proclivity of certain disciplines to indulge in scientific publication. Some of you may wonder why Idecide to review this book now. Well, I hate to see this book – a great historical record of Malaysian publishedresearch – slip into oblivion.
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