Dr Kamil Mohamed Ariff Bin Shaik Mohamed

  • CL Teng


“He was such a nice man.” When news of his death spread, thiswas the spontaneous remark of his friends in privateconversations or emails. His passing on 26th June 2006 was atotal shock to his friends, most of whom were kept in the darkabout his illness. It was indeed typical of Kamil (he was called Ariff by his family) that even at the last few months of his life, hetried to shield his friends from the pain of hearing this catastrophicnews.

He recalled that the year 2005 was an eventful year. In lateDecember, as the massive flood in the Northern states receded(his clinic was flooded up to 1 metre), he found some time tocheck up his nagging cough. He accepted the unexpecteddiagnosis of advanced adenocarcinoma of the lung with surprisingcalm, even though two months earlier his older brother wasdiagnosed to have the same cancer. (copied from article)

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