Into the heart of Sarawak

  • FZ Zainal


I was elated when my name was short-listed to accompany Dato Dr. Shafei Ooyub for his pre-retirement panMalaysian tour to Kapit and Belaga. It was always my dream to go deep into the heart of Borneo, a place where even most Sarawakians have never been.

The only way to reach Kapit and Belaga is by the express boat via the mighty Rejang River. The elongated twinengine express boat measured approximately 15 meters long offered 3 different categories of seats: the first, second and third class. A fully air-conditioned cabin with a large screen TV at the front provides a comfortable and relaxing journey. It takes 3-4 hours from Sibu to Kapit and another 5-6 hours from Kapit to Belaga, the exact time depends on how frequent the express boat stop to disembark people at the longhouses along the river. (copied from article)

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