Editor's note

  • CL Teng


By the time the print copy of MFP reaches you, we will be in 2008. Since MFP started in 2006, we have publisheda total of 95 items: original articles 5, review/CME articles 32, case reports 6, quizzes 10 and others 42. Thecategory lumped as “others” is really a hotchpotch of things that add variety to our journal, e.g. EBM commentary,website review, opinion, news, personal experiences, etc. The case reports that we published are usually not“once in a life’s time” kind of rare cases – they are more like teaching cases that illustrate ways to void diagnosticpitfalls or successful management of difficult patients. These case reports, taken together with the review/CMEarticles and quizzes, stamp the educational role of this journal. However, we would like to encourage moresubmissions of original research articles – the reviewers and Editorial Board endeavour to help the authors honethe submissions into polished manuscripts – if we think the materials are publishable.
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