The effective teacher

  • EM Khoo
  • KS Teoh


Most of us are not taught to be a teacher but a clinician. Themotto of ‘see one, do one and teach one’ is still very muchpractised in our settings. In order to become competent andcaring doctors-cum-teachers while living in this era ofinformation explosion, we must learn effective ways to teach.So how can we accomplish that?

Effective teaching emphasises the three-step process ofplanning, teaching and reflection. Planning teachingdepends on the learners’ levels, because learners at differentlevels have different learning needs and learning settings.It is paramount to plan and organise teaching material andto present it cogently and imaginatively. Early planning canfacilitate maximum student exposure and linkage to clinicalpractices. Teaching modules and lecture and tutorial materialcan be uploaded onto a website and updated regularly toreflect the relevance and advances in the topic. Internetbased interactive learning is becoming important now as itallows distance learning and accessibility. (copied from article)


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