Data analysis in qualitative research: a brief guide to using NVivo

  • LP Wong
Keywords: Qualitative research data analysis, NVivo


Qualitative data is often subjective, rich, and consists of in-depth information normally presented in the form of words.Analysing qualitative data entails reading a large amount of transcripts looking for similarities or differences, and subsequentlyfinding themes and developing categories. Traditionally, researchers ‘cut and paste’ and use coloured pens to categorisedata. Recently, the use of software specifically designed for qualitative data management greatly reduces technicalsophistication and eases the laborious task, thus making the process relatively easier. A number of computer softwarepackages has been developed to mechanise this ‘coding’ process as well as to search and retrieve data. This paperillustrates the ways in which NVivo can be used in the qualitative data analysis process. The basic features and primarytools of NVivo which assist qualitative researchers in managing and analysing their data are described.


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