Greetings from Venice

  • Zainal FZ


Buongiorno! Ciao!

These are two greetings you will hear often when you are inVenice. Buongiorno means ‘good morning’ and ciao(pronounced ‘chau’) means ‘hello’. Ciao also means goodbye, so people will say ciao when they meet and they will saythe same when they leave.

My mission in Venice was to present the ‘Teleprimary Care –Case Mix Project’ at the 23rd Patient Classification SystemInternational Working Conference, on behalf of the Ministry ofHealth’s Primary Care Division. This project was done incollaboration with John Hopkins University (JHU) and WorldHealth Organisation. It is the first Malaysian experience ofanalysing primary health care data using case mix software.The Lead Investigator is Dr Safurah Jaafar, assisted by theTeleprimary Care (TPC) team. (copied from article)

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