Bibliography of Primary Care Research in Malaysia

  • EM Khoo
  • CL Teng
  • CJ Ng
  • Safurah J


Medical care has been credited for the health improvements within societies; this is the direct result ofthe implementation of research findings at the nationaland international level. Promoting research activities,especially those that result in wider application andbeneficial impact in healthcare, has always been thepriority of the Ministry of Health. For the researchersworking in Malaysian primary care, identifying theliterature base in this discipline can be frustrating. Thisis due to the relatively small amount of research output,but more importantly, many publications in this disciplineare not easily accessible. It is thus gratifying to notethat Professor Khoo and her colleagues have taken on the task of collating both clinical and non-clinicalresearch conducted in the primary care setting for thebenefit of researchers and health planners. I understandthat this book is the culmination of a three-year effort –an onerous task through both electronic and manualsearch of journals, monographs, reports, dissertations,conference proceedings, abstracts, and books. It ispossible that some relevant research papers may stillbe missed, since the period of coverage is between 1966and 2003. Nonetheless, this is a good start and sucheffort should be encouraged. It is also a credit to theteam that the electronic version of this book is now freelyavailable on the internet. (copied from article)
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