Editor's note

  • CL Teng


In late May 2008, MFP started to analyse the web trafficusing Google Analytics (https://www.google.com/analytics/). As of 30th September 2008, we have had12,009 visits (from 3159 unique visitors). We receivedabout 100 visits a day (range: 45-185). Overwhelmingly,readers are from Malaysia but we are gratified to notethat we have had visitors from some 142 countries (seeMap below, the darker green shading reflect the numberof visitors). A list of the top 10 countries is shown in thetable (right). Are we reaching mainly the Englishspeaking part of the world or those with better internetaccess? In any case, the MFP is probably fulfilling theneed of the local readers. However, we do need to workharder to reach the regional audience.
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