A comparison of headache and non-headache sufferers on measures of social support and mental health problems

  • HJ Teoh
  • CL Tam
Keywords: Headache, mental health, social support


138 headaches sufferers and 138 subjects without headaches were studied to investigate if there were differences betweenheadache and non-headache sufferers in terms of their mental health and social support levels. The overall results of thisstudy indicated that headache sufferers, as compared with non-headache sufferers had slightly more mental health problems,and more social support from their family members. When the results were scrutinised in more detail, it was observed thatheadache sufferers reported that they felt less capable of making decisions about things, were not always able to face up totheir problems, and sometimes thought about themselves as a worthless. Given that the study was based on a community,rather than clinic sample, further research would be required to examine the differing the types of headaches that people aresuffering from, and the intensity of the headaches, in relation to mental health problems.


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