Ethambutol ocular toxicity in a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis – a case report

  • AK Tan
  • Mallika PS
  • Aziz S
  • Asok T
  • Intan G
Keywords: Ethambutol, Farnsworth Panel D-15 Hue test, Isihara Pseudoisochromatic Plates, Blue-yellow colour defect, Pulmonary tuberculosis


Purpose. To highlight the importance of using the Farnsworth Panel D-15 Hue test in colour vision testing in patients on ethambutoltreatment.

Case Report. A 70 year-old lady received ethambutol as part of her anti-tuberculous regime. She developed blue-yellow colour defectdetectable with the Farnsworth Panel D-15 Hue test, but not with the Isihara Pseudoisochromatic Plates. Ethambutol was immediatelydiscontinued from her anti-tuberculous regime. Two months later, her colour vision returned to normal.

Conclusion. This case report illustrates the importance of regular monitoring of patients receiving ethambutol for blue-yellow colour defectusing the Farnsworth Panel D-15 Hue Test.


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