National Malaysian Twin Registry - a perfect opportunity for researchers to study nature versus nurture

  • S Jahanfar S


A twin registry is a registry of twin pairs (monozygotic = MZand Dizygotic = DZ) who are willing to consider participatingin health-related research. Twins are able to help researchersstudy the impact of genetic and environmental factors on healthand the treatment and prevention of disease in a special way.Throughout the world, twin registries have been establishedby the governments via the National Health and MedicalResearch in order to put researchers in touch with twins whomight be willing to take part in particular projects. In Australia,for example, more than 30,000 pairs of twins have joined theregistry, making it the largest volunteer registry of its kind inthe world. However, in some countries such as Denmark, thefirst twin registry was born in a medical faculty and it was thenexpanded to the National Twin Registry of Denmark. (copied from article)


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