The Life of A Doctor. A Career Guide

  • Hean Teik Ong


First of all, I must congratulate Dr Ong Hean Teik for the effortsmade to compile the short notes/essays from variousspecialists to produce the book, The Life of a Doctor.Personally, I really enjoyed reading it and would recommendthe book to my medical students, junior doctors and theirparents. In fact, the book will also benefit specialists fromvarious specialties. The strength of the book lies in the authorswith vast experience in their field. Their real life experienceand their reflections of the journeys they took make the bookmore interesting to read, may motivate potential students totake up medicine, and would help young doctors to make theirpostgraduate career choice. The inclusion of Pharmacy andcareer pathway for dental officers opens a wider spectrum ofchoices for the students. Generally, all the specialtiesemphasized the importance of interest, hard work, disciplineand compassion in order to be a good medical/healthpractitioner. (copied from article)
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