Occupational Health for Health Care Professionals

  • Jayakumar G
  • Retneswari M


This compendium of essays by 30 authors is a contribution to the Malaysian ever growing storehouse of medical publications. Itis a worthwhile project for the Malaysian Medical Association to have undertaken to publish this long awaited book, because thecontent of the book involves the care of its own members. The health of the healthcare providers is often taken for granted whilecarrying out their duties of a doctor. They forget their own health and they expose themselves to the risk of disease every day oftheir lives.

This book, with twenty-two chapters, covers in detail the occupational concerns of health care professionals. The chapters outlinethe common pitfalls in the healthcare system into which the professionals may fall into. All health care facilities are high riskvenues for which not sufficient preventive systems are in place. The various risk factors are highlighted by the different authorsboth from the point of view of the professional and the patient. In support of preventive efforts the authors refer to the variousstatutory requirements in place. In spite of the provisions, the authors cite many instances of diseases and disasters the professionalsuffer from and are exposed to daily. (copied from article)

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