Editor's note

  • CL Teng


In this issue, MFP publishes six orginal articles. The increasing number of original research appearing in MFP is a healthy sign of primary care research in Malaysia.

Over the past one year, MFP has noted an increasing number of submissions, including a few from foreign countries.This increase has resulted in some delay in the editorial process, which we will strive to improve this year. In view of shortage of space, it also means that submissions that are judged to fall outside the scope of our journal will be promptly rejected, so that the authors can send their articles elsewhere. It is also inevitable that as MFP matures, the reviewers and Editorial Board will expect a higher standard of originality and scientific rigour in the submitted manuscripts.

The review articles is popular among the readers, as they provide a good overview of a topic that is relevant to clinical practice. However, with the proliferation of textbooks and reviews articles (many of them freely available in the internet), the writers intending to write a review article may want to think carefully before plunging into it. MFP generally prefer review article written by clinicians with expertise in the subject matter (e.g. have published several original research works in the topic). It is also expected that the review articles will provide clear guidance for primary care doctors, with appropriate citations of the scientific evidence, especially those research generated locally.

MFP wishes to have a good mix of original research and reading materials that appeal to the postgraduate family medicine trainees and medical students. We look forward to submissions on “Test Your Knowledge”; we prefer challenging clinical scenarios with high quality clinical photographs, images or laboratory data.

Extract of key research findings (either international or local) now appear as fillers in between articles. Readers may also submit short fillers (less than 500 words), this can be of any topics, e.g. a cautionary tales, a research paper worth reading, etc. (copied from article)

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