A successful antenatal myomectomy

  • Shafiee MN
  • Nor Azlin MI
  • Arifuddin D


Complications that may occur while performing myomectomy in pregnancy can be prevented in a well-optimised surgery. Counselling and comprehensive peri-operative preparations are mandatory to minimise litigations and untoward events. Myomectomy in pregnancy remains a contentious issue. Degeneration of fibroid during pregnancy is common. However, conservative management suffices in majority of cases. In nonresponsive conservative treatment, myomectomy may be an option. This article discusses our experience in treating a 38-year-old woman in her fourth pregnancy at 15 weeks gestation with symptomatic uterine fibroid. She had persistent abdominal pain since nine weeks gestation. She developed fever and acute abdomenat at 15 weeks and the uterus was larger than dates.Ultrasound scan confirmed single pregnancy with a large intramural fibroid showing degenerative changes. A myomectomy was performed as a preventive measure to prevent massive haemorrhage. Although performing myomectomy during pregnancy is considered controversial, complications can be minimised with properly-planned surgery.

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Shafiee MN
Nor Azlin MI
Arifuddin D


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